Gratitude At A Glance

This list was the inspiration and the starting point for my blog.  The blog and I have changed and grown in the year or so it's been going... and I'm still not finished my list, but I'll get there!

a - apostrophe, Africa
b - books
c - Canada, my class
d - downtime
e - evolving
f - family & friends, fishing, food
g - Glee!
h - holidays
i - insight
j - jamaat
k - knitting
l - love
m - mail
n - New Zealand
o - the outdoors
p - paying it forward
q - quiet
r - reunions
s - shoes, shopping, swaps
t - teachers
u - unconditional
v - victory (RWC 2011!)
w - World Cup (Rugby), Women
x - 'X' marks the spot
y - yummy food
z -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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