Saturday, 16 January 2010

A new beginning.

So I had a blog, once upon a time... and I really liked the domain name, because it always seemed to fit. I read through it recently and realised how much I have changed in the past few years, which is why I thought 'fluidity' was a great name for my blog. Sadly, I have no idea what login I used for it, so fluidity is forever fixed in cyberspace. Funny that. So perspective will be the name wherein my ramblings are contained.

I used to love writing. While cleaning out bits and bobs that have been lurking around my parents' basement (often at 2 a.m.) I have found a number of things I have written and friends have written to/for me. It's been fairly enlightening and quite amusing. The following poem is my favourite (it doesn't have the most imaginative title, nor do I have any idea when it was written - although I figure it was in highschool.)

"Writing Folder Assignment"

"Listen here, as I tell a tale of woe,
A story of Tesneem, whom some of you may know,
The fateful day when she went to ski,
Because of her carelessness she hurt her knee;

The air was crisp and cold,
(or so my story is told)
She stood with an air of confidence about her,
Yes folks, she was very sure;

She peered down, as the lift rose,
Slowly but surely, she blew her nose.
As she dismounted from the lift,
Her demeanor began to shift;

Confronted with the horror of a hill,
Everything seemed to still,
She felt everyone was watching her descent,
Unfortunately for skiing, she was not meant;

The wind whipped by her face,
Her destination was the ski base,
Suddenly the snow seemed to gain control!
Sadly, Tesneem began to roll;

And as the sun shone high in the morn,
Tesneem was on the ground with ligaments torn;

After that day Tesneem was never the same,
Because from then on, she was lame;

But one thing she's thankful for,
Is that she hadn't been hurt even more,
For if she had fallen in stranger ways,
She may have been paralyzed for the rest of her days;

So her life went on,
Her physical freedom was gone,
A brace she had to wear,
She must watch her actions with care;

With the brace on her knee,
She goes to physiotherapy,
Because you see
Tesneem is me;

Ergo, always be sure,
Because what you've got,
You should be thankful for.

Such drama! Outstanding!


Beth said...

Every once in awhile I get inspired to write poetry...and it's usually very bad but it always makes me laugh! :) You are definitely better at it than I!

Faiza said...

Too funny!

Skiing has not been kind to you.

At book club yesterday we had a giggle remembering how you got lost cross country skiing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth! I don't think I still have a gift for poetry, but I do remember a time in university when I wrote an entire letter to my friend in rhyme. It was brilliant!

Faiza - I often try to forget my skiing misadventures but they keep popping back up! They make for good stories though. :)

Megan said...

I like it over here.


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