Thursday, 18 February 2010

'D' - Finally...

I struggled for quite some time with what to do for 'd.'  I had several different ideas, including 'dreams' and 'discovery,' but nothing quite inspired me to write - until today. 

Like everyone else I know, I feel like life is ridiculously busy; this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just tends to get frenetic.  I think this is a by-product of society and the lives we lead.  It is true that we often make ourselves busy - however, I am trying to make a point in a very round-about way.  People.  Are.  Busy.  This leads me to my choice for 'd.'  (Which I will get to, but also in a round-about way.)

Today, after a fairly standard day at work,  I sat down and thought.  I thought about the planning that I should do for next week; the marking that needs to be done; the shopping I'd like to do; how very tired I was feeling; and my various commitments and plans for the weekend.  But then something happened.  I stopped.  I stopped and took some downtime.

It was delicious!  Katy (my lovely new co-teacher) and I sat there, chatting and worked on our scrapbook pages for a couple of hours.  At the start of every school year, the students in our class make a scrapbook page with a different genre poem about themselves and a photo and their own 'unique' touches.  Each and every year, I say that it'd be nice to make one and I never get around to it.  Ever.  This year, Katy started making one.  There she was, pottering away, putting together her page, as I watched - mildly puzzled and perplexed.  I mean, how did she manage to sort herself out and find a chance to sit down and do her page?  She's only been in class for a couple of weeks - I've been here for years, so what was my issue??   My issue was that I didn't think my downtime was as important as everything else that had to be done.  I admit it - I was a bit envious.  So I did it too.  After two hours of stories, chatter, and a bit of giggling we were done. 

We're both looking forward to our students' reactions tomorrow when they see our pages in amongst their own. 

I had an awesome time.  I've been a bit grumpy for the last few days (Phill may say somewhat more than just 'a bit'), but today I felt happy.  I felt awake.  I felt rejuvenated.  I came home in a fantastic mood (which has lasted all evening long.)  It is absolutely amazing what taking some time out for yourself will do for your overall well being. 

Don't underestimate what taking a bit of downtime can do for you... and thank you, Katy, for helping me to stop and remember how important it really is.


Faiza said...

good for you for putting yourself first my friend!

downtime is such a gift. i like to spend mine with the fine people of genoa city monday through friday. :)

i love the scrapbook pages!

bklyn76 said...

ah, the joy of downtime never seems to be fully realized, but when you get a taste it is just scrumptious!

your pages are fantastic! love your cloud poem.

my downtime lately has been used to read...i miss being able to finish a book in a week.

Anonymous said...

It is SO easy to forget to put yourself first, but it is so very fruitful!

I find that I go through phases of downtime passtimes... reading, knitting, scrapbooking - anything suits really, as long as it satisfies some sort of need I have at that time.

Thanks for the compliments about the pages - I am very pleased with mine. :)


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