Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Something a little out character - a letter out of order...

I'm going to do something that goes against my very nature, but this one has been brewing in my mind for the last few weeks and if I don't write it now, it won't be nearly as relevant as it could be.

Over the past couple of months, I have been immensely grateful for reunions. 

Reunions are wonderful, uplifting and just so very fantastic! 

I was recently visiting home for Christmas and I had the most fabulous reunion with my nephew.  I was blessed enough to spend some portion of nearly each day with Noah.  The last few times I've gone home, I've been very apprehensive about seeing him.  I was worried that he wouldn't know me, or he wouldn't like me.  I am happy to report that when I was at home over Christmas, I had an awesome time with Noah, and I have no need to worry about any future reunions because I know he'll remember me.  I also fell head over heels in love with him.  He is a happy, sweet, polite and clever and generally a delightful child.  I'm not saying that because he's my nephew and I'm horribly biased... I genuinely mean it!  It was just fantastic and I had an awesome time. 

Not the most flattering photo of me, but it's okay because I love making this kid laugh!

I also got to have the best reunion yet with my Faiza.  We got to hang out, chat and just 'be.'  We haven't had the chance to do that at all in this phase of our lives and I really missed it.  We also had great fun going to see Jersey Boys, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and trips to Wally's.  I loved every second of my reunion with Faiza.  It was magic and I love her. 
I think this is the first time I've been home and not taken photos of us...
This 'photo' is also relevant in a couple of paragraphs from here... 

When I came back to New Zealand, I had the best reunion of all... Phill was at there waiting for me.  He had taken the day off work, got up at 4 a.m. and took a cab to the airport - just so he could be there when I got back.  Since I wasn't expecting him, I walked right by him (again - just like the last time he surprised me at the airport.)  When I did see him, I vaguely remember launching myelf into his arms and squealing at the top of my lungs.  It was the best thing to come back to and made me SO very happy. 

I love this guy.

The day before school started, I was lucky enough to have a quick reunion with my dear friend LeeAnn.  She came up to Auckland for work and we went out for a lovely dinner, walked along the beach and had a good catch up.  I always look forward to her work visits and our friendship makes me soul happy.  We haven't taken any photos of us together in ages.  That is something that must be remedied next time we're visiting each other!

Finally, I went back to work.  It's always nice to meet up with the people I work with and having a good gab with them is great.  The people I work with are really quite awesome... but my favourite reunion to do with work was having my class back again.  In Montessori, the students stay in a class for a three year cycle.  Due to the way the New Zealand school system works and our wider school going up to year 8, students have the opportunity to stay in the 9-12 class for four years.  I had a few students leave, as they do when they get older and I have now ten children that are new to my class.  Every year, I really look forward to having my kids back again.  I love the relationship I build with my students because I have them for several years at a time... and I get to do that because we get to have our reunion every February.  They are really good kids and yes, they make me crazy at times (as I'm sure they do to their parents too) but I know that I'm lucky to have them. 

I don't feel right putting up photos of children that are not related to me, but rest assured, I have many great photos of them and they are gorgeous. 

How I love a good reunion!!


Faiza said...

R is for Reunions - I think it's okay if your alphabet comes through out of order, what do you think?

When Noah can read this, he is going to love reflecting back on this time you shared with each other

I love you my friend. I just realized we didn't take any pictures this time around too!

Am headed to the Symphony again tomorrow night and will be thinking of you while rooting on the timpani!

Hope you have time today to just be...

bklyn76 said...

i don't know if it's b/c i've had a long day, or b/c i love reunions too, or just b/c it's appropriate, but i have tears in my eyes...

Anonymous said...

@Faiza - initially, I wasn't planning to do it in order, but it seemed to fall into place that way... like I had said before though - I'll just go with it and let it unfold as it does.

I hope there'll be many more times that I get to hang out with Noah - such a cool kid.

I love you SO much. I think this is the first time we didn't take any pictures together. That said, I don't think that you really needed photos of me knitting and watching Glee though. :)

Hope the timpani came through for you!

Love you x

@Sheba - no shame in a tear or two... I had a few when I was writing this. Reunions really rock. x

Faiza said...

@tez - the timpani rocked in the first half! s and i went to part of the new creations festival so it was music composed in the last few years. OUTSTANDING!!!


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