Saturday, 17 April 2010

One dimensional?

"One thing that never ceases to amaze me, along with the growth of vegetation from the earth and of hair from the head, is the growth of understanding." -  Alice Walker

The thing I love about blogging (so far) is that it gives an opportunity to evolve and grow in whatever way I choose.  This posting did not start off as a submission for my Alphabet, but there we go... here's 'e.'  (I find myself quite tickled about how things just happen... er... evolve even?  )

Through this little personal project, I've had to make a conscious decision to be grateful and to recognise the things I am grateful for... and I did stop writing for a bit, not only because I went travelling, but because I wasn't inspired.  That's not to say that there was nothing I was grateful for, but I suppose I was looking for those 'a-ha' moments... the round-about or clever ways to make my gratitude fit within the alphabet framework I gave myself.  I lost sight of the simple things that inspired me in the first place. 

The title of this comic is "Simple Pleasures." I love it. 
(Warning: There are some offensive words on the website this comic came from.) 

I feel as though I started this with one end point in mind, but through reading other fantastic blogs (mostly linked off of Faiza's blog - definitely a happy place and worth looking at) and then trolling through other blogs I've stumbled upon,  I have rediscovered my wide range of interests.  Then I was left with a bit of a conundrum - when there were other bits that I found interesting or inspiring, I didn't feel as though I could write about it here since it didn't fit in my 'Alphabet of Gratitude' theme.  I started feeling a bit one-dimensional.

It has just occurred to me - I am the one imposing these limits upon myself - no one else.  (Yes, this realisation extends well beyond blogging.)  Whew.  A bit eye-opening, no?

So, my blog is evolving along with me... and I am evolving thanks to my blog.  I will no longer be writing dedicated alphabet posts.  I will not try to fit any self-imposed mold.  If what I choose to write about fits within the alphabet, it will be wirtten about... if not, I will allow myself to be free and do what makes me soul happy. 

I'm still going to try to find something for each letter of the alphabet, but I will not be limited by my own expectations

I don't know about you, but I think that this evolution and realisation is definetly something to be grateful for.


bklyn76 said...

i definitely don't think *one dimensional* when i think of you. it's kind of crazy to watch personal evolution occur in a blog...i know i've been going through it since day 1!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheba! I *try* not to be one dimensional, but it is something that plays on my mind. Personal evolution is such an intensely private thing, but takes on an interesting quality when done in a public forum like this one.


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