Thursday, 17 June 2010

Interview with an expat - first of the series.

One of the happiest periods of my life were the years I spent in Halifax, while studying at King's College.  I enjoyed the time I spent in residence, but I loved the time I spent flatting. 

In my third year I lived in the flat in front of LeeAnn, Alison C.M., Megan, LeeAnn and Marilla.  I spent a LOT of time in the flat behind mine.  So much so that LeeAnn used to cook dinner for me most nights.  Once, I went over and the door was unlocked, but no one was home.  Rather than lock the door and leave, I settled myself comfortably in Megan's papasan chair and had a snooze until they came home.  I had to keep the flat safe, of course! 

In my fourth year, I lived with LeeAnn, Al and Marilla (and watched some questionable films with Megan.)  We had a blast. 

I'd say more, but what happens in Halifax, stays in Halifax.

After university we all went our separate ways, as friends tend to do.  Some of us stayed in touch, lived together or in the same cities etc, but we were all fairly scattered.  Through the magic of Facebook, we've all reconnected once again. 

We were all pretty adventurous and we got on fabulously.  This adventurous nature lead us all to lead lives as expats.  The lovely and talented Alison had the great idea to interview the lot of us - since we all set off from a similar point, to explore where we are now and how we got there.  Megan was first to be posted - read it here

Mine will be up soon also.  I'll be posting a link to all the interviews as they come up. 


Alison said...

That book cover is Hilarious! NOw you've made me want to actually write it :) I have to say it's been so much fun catching up with you ladies in this way and the responses are even better than I expected (and let me tell you, I had high hopes to begin with!).

Oh those houses... I drive by when I'm in Hali just to see if their still standing. The Quinpool 'house' has been a used clothing store and a tarot reader among other things. Bet it still smells like wet dog.

You know, there's one other 'lady' that lived with us that I totally forgot about until just now. Deirdre is curled up beside me and sends her love to NZ :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the book cover. I was quite pleased with it, myself. :) It's been awesome doing this little 'catch up.' I'm looking forward to reading the rest of them.

That Quinpool house was awesome... Even if it did smell like samosa, wet dog and whatever else our dodgy neighbour was cultivating!

Give Deirdre a big cuddle for me - I was rifling through photos at home and found one of her in my suitcase! She knew she was going to have a travellin' lifestyle before the rest of us!


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