Monday, 19 July 2010

I get so excited...

when I write letters to send and receive them, that I forget to take photo and to blog about how awesome they are!

I never used to be very fussed about checking the mailbox... but now, I can hardly wait.  I rush to the mailbox, full of anticipation - if it's empty, there's still hope... Phill often (usually) checks it before I do (because I may or may not have been a bit slack about walking out to the postbox in the past.)  So when there's a letter / card / postcard for me, I just can't wait - I rip it open in my extreme excitement... only to be a little regretful that once again, I have not restrained myself long enough to take a photo.  The regret doesn't last very long, because I'm too busy reading what's been written to me, and finding a spot to put it on my "Letter Line" that hangs above the TV. 

So... no photos of incoming... but here are my most recent outgoings (I did toss a handful of letters in the post last week though, so there are more than just these ones!)

About a week ago, I got the most awesome card and letter from Ang.  She had also included some mildly hilarious photos from my university days.  I'd like to say... I think I've definitely improved with age.  Enclosed in this magical envelope is my lengthy response to her letter.

I do not understand why this photo keeps uploading sideways.  I've tried flipping it and all sorts of carry on, but it's just not feeling the photo love.  Regardless, this is a letter I wrote to Michelle.  I "met" Michelle through Megan's Penpal Mailing List at Time After Tea.  This is our first correspondence. 

This is another first correspondence, courtesy of Megan's list.  I'm loving this (and I'm loving my new stickers!)

A letter for my lovely Faiza.  Written and sent with so much love. 

It's funny.  I've found, through writing letters - it's a bit like picking up where Ang and I left off many years ago.  Faiza's always been awesome at sending cards and letters and they always seem to arrive just when I need a pick me up.  I appreciate it more than I can ever express in simple words... I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one of her penpals who appreciates her endless supply of thoughtfulness. 

The thing is, in writing the "first" letters, I'm a bit apprehensive.  What do I say?  What shouldn't I say?  How much is too much, or too little?  Will I scare this poor person off with my openness and babbling, or will they appreciate that I'm (mostly) an open book, ready for reading?  It's a bit nerve wracking - especially the wait for a letter back.  I mean really, it could go either way.  What if my letter turns them off completely and they think "Wow.  She's nuts."  It's a bit of pressure I tell you!  Time will only tell.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep writing.


Angela said...

Yay! I'm eagerly awaiting my magical envelope. Also, I'm not sure how you can improve perfection, but you are most definitely improving with age. ;)

Megan said...

Oh yay thankyou for mentioning the list! It makes me so happy that people are actually using it. I have a card on its way to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Ang - sorry it took me so long, but I wrote heaps... and thanks lovely, you're not so bad yourself. :)

Megan - you're very welcome! It's a great idea and I'm very appreciative of it! Thanks for the card - since I get too excited to take photos prior to opening, I'll take one after I open it! :)

L . said...

I'm personally a postcard addict! I love finding super odd postcards and thinking of just the right silly thing to write on the back.

But with your creative envelope decoration you are certainly making me turn my mind to the unique possibilities of the card... :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I, too, LOVE Faiza's letters :)

Anonymous said...

L - I'll be sure to send you some Auckland postcards then! I am more of a card lover - the quirky cards just make me giggle uncontrollably! I'm enjoying making envelopes - I have some picture books in class that have fallen apart, as well an atlas... and we JUST did a unit on reusing and I just couldn't justify tossing them in recycling.

Claire - Welcome! I feel like Faiza's letters are sunshine in an envelope. They really do make my day! :)


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