Sunday, 9 January 2011

Searching for the Silver Lining.

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened.  Every time a school goes up in flames here, I think, "God... what if...?" and I generally couldn't bear to finish the thought.  Yesterday, sadly, we were forced to stop wondering what if, and it moved to "What now?"

Our beautiful school is still beautiful... just... well... yeah.

So... the silver lining is there, and it's a substantial silver lining... there are things to be grateful for...
  1. No one was hurt.  A true blessing in a fire that big.
  2. Our school community is phenomenal.  Teachers, former teachers, students and families... everyone will come together and like some guy on the news said, we will end up stronger for it.  I genuinely believe that.
  3. It is still an excellent school.  The quality of the teaching programmes and learning that will go on, starting next month has not changed, nor will it as a result of this.   
  4. The fire service was amazing.  Utterly amazing.  They contained the fire and stopped it from ravaging the whole school.  I was lucky enough to bump into the New Zealand Fire Service guy, Steve Larkin (I'm not entirely sure that's his last name, but I'm close) when we were leaving the speedway tonight.  I had to stop and thank him for all their hard work last night and the incredible job they did.  He thanked me for speaking to him... it could have been because I was a bit teary eyed as I spoke to him, but he was a really nice man.  
  5. My friends and family are wonderful, lovely and supportive.  Love, love, love.  So blessed. x
It's happened and done now.  There will still be tears.  There is still anger, frustration, emptiness and a whole lot of sadness.  But it is also time to rebuild and move forward.


Erin Feasey said...

I agree Tez
There are many things to be grateful for and you even writing them down to share with others says it all as you are one on the wonderful teachers at Glendowie... thank you!. I have been fighting back the tears ever since finding out ..... primarily due to the fact I know how much pride all the teachers take in their learning environments, displaying of students achievements and the hours spent making those beautiful and awe inspiring resources.
I also know that all the teachers will be excited and motivated to re create all those resources AND MORE, looking forward to displaying new students achievements and creating learning environments in what ever building they move to that are just as thought provoking and rich with ideas.
GPS can do it .... It is the most amazing school I have worked at and has a very special place in my heart!!! Kia Kaha

bklyn76 said...

woah, tez, i'm so sorry! your outlook is inspiring and i hope your school and everyone in it get back to "normal" soon. xo

murmle said...

Hey lady,
I am so so sorry to hear about the fire. But it is so true that it's a blessing no one was hurt. I can't imagine what this is like for you. I know you know that the school is the people, like you, and not the building. Still... it is your home away from home and it hurts to see it a shadow of its former self.
Sending you lots of hugs and love from this side of the world.
xo me

Anonymous said...

@Erin - Thank you my dear... there have been many, many tears and a bit of anger, but everyone is pulling together amazingly! We'll get there in the end - thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement! x

@Sheba - Thank you lovely lady! We're just all grateful it wasn't during term time, so we've got enough time to get it ready for the kids again. Things are moving amazingly fast and people are being so generous!

@murmle - Love and hugs received and so very appreciated my dearest. It does hurt to see it reduced to ash, but I think what hurts more is seeing my good friends hurting because they've lost so much. :( It'll all be rebuilt and it will be amazing once again, since the people there are pretty darn fantastic. :) x


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