Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shoe Shopping High! 'S' ROCKS.

It's no secret.  I love shoes.  I love shopping.  The only thing I love more than both shoes and shopping, (family & friends not included of course) is a bargain.  I get giddy when I get a good deal on things... giddy, giggly and I've been known to do a happy dance on occassion.

Today, I got to do the shoe shopping bargain dance!  (Yes, upon realising the fabulous price, Phillipa and I actually did a little jig in The Warehouse.)  Check out my sweet feet!

These would be my favourites.

Actually comfortable (for the 10 minutes I wore them.)  A good, substantial triangular heel adds stability for my wobbly ankles.  Love them. 

Like slippers, only cuter!

Can go either way: a bit nana or super-cute.  I'm going for super-cute.

They're pink and girly and pretty.  Was there ever any doubt??

Do you want to know the very best part of this shopping trip??  That each pair of shoes was only <drum roll please...> $1.75.  That's new heights of bargain fabulousness!  I'm still giddy.  That works out to only 87.5 cents a shoe! 

This is definitely one for the Alphabet of Gratitude... 'S' is super, indeed.

Now, I have to go decide what to wear to work tomorrow so I can match my clothes to my new shoes.


Faiza said...

laughing out loud!!! out loud! so happy for your shopping high.

Anonymous said...

87.5 cents a shoe, my friend! It still makes me giddy! :)


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