Sunday, 17 July 2011

(re)Starting Small

Recently, a few people have commented that this site has been very quiet.  It has been.  Things tend to get busy and the things I truly enjoy get relegated to the back burner... such is the case with my writing.  Moving house, knitting up a storm, writing reports and just life have all been a touch overwhelming and I allowed myself to be swallowed up a bit.  I'm happy to say that my head is back above water and I can see clearly once again.  
 The thing is, when I write, I spend ages putting my thoughts together and putting pen to paper (or click clacking away on my keyboard.)  I simply felt like I didn't have the time to write properly, so then I'd rather not do it at all.  Unfortunately, this is often the attitude I take with a range of things, (going to the gym is a prime example) which is not the right attitude.  

So now, it's time to (re)start... Start walking with that attitude of gratitude once again.

A few weeks before term ended, Chief Dan Daly came to our school from the U.S. to speak to the children.  This man was amazing.  He was involved in the rescue efforts after 9/11.  I felt shivers racing up and down my spine and tears prickling my eyes as I recalled that day, the reactions of the students in my class and the days that followed the attack.  

Chief Dan tours around the world, speaking of what he calls the "true legacy of 9/11; a legacy of courage, compassion and the power of the indomitable human spirit."  He told of the selflessness and love from strangers and volunteers from all over the United States. 

I can't express it any better than he does on his website.  He says: 
"It is my hope that we can all continue to be inspired to perform these selfless acts, and to make the changes necessary in ourselves and our communities to bring about true world peace. 
As a retired NYC Firefighter who served at Ground Zero I feel compelled to keep the memory of September 11th alive in a positive way."
How awesome is this guy?  He spoke to the children (and teachers) about "The Five Keys to Success & Happiness."  Since it is not my programme, I won't share the Five Keys with you (because that'd be disrespectful to Chief Dan, and I just don't roll like that) but he did remind us "To walk with an attitude of gratitude." 

Today, I am especially grateful for the support of my gorgeous husband and beautiful friends.  What about you?

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chiefdaly said...

Than you for your kind words regarding my presentation. My five keys will soon be on my website downloadable for free. Keep up the great work with the young ones. Peace, Chief Dan Daly


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