Monday, 5 September 2011

The World's Here To Play

Grateful for... The Rugby World Cup!  I've always planned my gratitude for 'w' was going to be something else, but this is so very timely (the other one was timely, but I also had let that time pass...) I've got to do it! 

The anticipation is starting to build and I love it!  Today, while I was on road patrol after school, I counted at least twenty cars go by with a flag of some sort flying proudly out of the window.  I couldn't help but to feel a big old smile spread across my face. 

The news has been filled with (feel-good) stories about teams arriving and the reception they get at the airport.  The first big crowd waiting was for the Samoan rugby team... there were about 2000 people there to greet them.

Thus far, Tonga has had the biggest crowd waiting... apparently, they made so much noise, it drowned out the planes arriving. 

This is amazing... utterly amazing!  I would have loved to have been there this afternoon!

So far though, this has been my favourite.  A flash mob that took place yesterday at our local mall (please pay attention to the guy with the dreds - quite fond of him, as well as the guy in the Puma shirt.  Unimpressed.  Whatever!)  Awesome.

So grateful for living in the country that's hosting the Rugby World Cup this year!

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