Monday, 5 December 2011

A New Class Pet?

I was thinking yesterday that it's been ages since I've written anything... not that nothing good is going on, but quite frankly, I've been knitting like a demon.

But this was too good not to share...
I came into class this morning and it was already hot and stuffy, so I went to open the window, and this is what I saw...

So of course, I had to check Bruce out.

Yep.  There he is.

Apparently, one of the boys (the one who wrote the sign) says good morning to Bruce every day and it's our new class pet.  Great.  This boy's not going to be in my class next year... I wonder if he'll take Bruce with him in two weeks when we go on holiday.  Maybe I'll suggest it - I'm sure his mum will love it!

Still - pretty gorgeous (my kids, not Bruce.)


sheba said...

and i thought the gerbils-that-look-like-mice in my class were creepy! ;)

Anonymous said...

They probably are, but I think Bruce is pretty special! :)


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