Sunday, 27 May 2012

Too Busy To Blog, But Not To Knit!

Rest assured friends, although my blog has been silent, my needles have not been.  I've recently finished a Mobius Shawl/Wrap (which is in the back of my car, so I need to get snapped modelling it) and a cute little cardi for Phillipa's baby-to-be.  (Third try lucky.)  I'm actually quite in love with it.  There was a hat that went with it, but it was quite hideous and was promptly ripped to bits once I finished it.
Sorry about the poor image quality - I snapped the pic with low light and my phone because I was too pooped (from weaving in all the ends) to get up and get the camera.
I find that the longer I knit, the more willing I am to rip projects apart and start over. I guess that means I'm becoming more confident in my ability to make it look better the second, third or fourth time I make something! The wool below started out as a shawl, but I felt like the colours made it look to nana-ish as a shawl, so 3/4 of the way through *rip* *rip* *rip* (!)

A Work In Progress (WIP) - a cowl to keep a darling friend's neck warm while she's unwell.  My beautiful perendale wool from The Wool Co. in Utiku.  It's lovely and squishy and soft and makes me so happy.  I've just noticed they have some wool on sale.  Uh oh.
I do feel as though my knitting ADD is kicking in now.  I've got 16 rows to go, and I just seem to have come to a stand still.  My mind has already moved on to the next project(s) I'm thinking of!  Oh, to have such simple worries. :)

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