Sunday, 4 July 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

It has been a long time since there has been a feel-good show on TV… It’s a show that I look forward to every week, not because it’s emotional or dramatic, but because it makes me happy. I enjoy it so much, that I watch it on a Friday evening, and then try to catch it again during the replay on another channel on the following Wednesday. Yes, I am talking about the television musical phenomenon, Glee.

I love it. It makes me laugh – big belly laughs… I giggle (often at inappropriate moments) when I think of Sue Sylvester and her love of the tracksuit and distaste of Will Shuester’s curly blond locks. Much to Phill’s chagrin, I listen to the soundtrack on nearly full volume as I drive and sing along just as loudly (and sometimes somewhat tunelessly.)

Faiza and I watched all the Glee episodes from the first season over the Christmas holidays when I was home. It was perfect. I loved hanging out and just being with her. It’s one of the aspects of our friendship that I miss the most when I’m in New Zealand. It was different this time though – not only did we hang out, just as we used to, but it was hanging out as adults, in a wholly different phase of our lives (meaning, we weren’t hanging out in one of our parents’ basements.) It was more than watching TV. We talked. About wholly different stuff than what we used to talk about. It was the first time we’ve that opportunity in seven years. It was amazing.

I also love Glee because it reminds me of my high school choir days… and I can’t remember my high school choir days without remembering Faiza… this inevitably leads to a warm fuzzy feeling enveloping my heart and a smile that stretches from ear to ear. It leads me to think of the ridiculous fun times we’ve had in the past doing everything and nothing at all. I love you, Faiza Zarin Kanji (even if you did get me kicked out of choir… it was totally worth it.)


Alison said...

I LOVE Glee. I just watched the Gaga episode last night for the 3rd time :) It actually reminds me of my best friend from high school too, Jenn. We used to watch musicals all the time and try to cast our friends and class-mates in them. I wish life was more like a musical... and I wish I could sing :)

Faiza said...

Love you too and I just put that exact picture on my wall at home! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Al - We haven't got the Gaga episode yet. We're only on the third or fourth of this season... I can't wait for Gaga then! It's just such good times, Glee! I know it's not high school anymore, but can I be in your musical? :)

F - Such a great photo - so much love in it. :) x

L . said...

I haven't seen Glee yet. I am behind the ways of television! Might make it a good subject for a marathon viewing someday, like our True Blood weekend :)

Alison said...

I can't decide which I liked more, the Madonna episode or Gaga... both were fab! Of COURSE you can be in my musical :)

@L I adore True Blood... makes for very good marathon watching :)

Anonymous said...

L - I can bring my Glee DVDs to Wellie if you're keen! :) That True Blood weekend was fabulous.

Al - Woo! I'll start practising my singing now! LeeAnn came up to Auckland one weekend and we had all sorts of plans... and instead we watched the entire first season of True Blood over two days... and I had JUST finished watching them two days prior!


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