Monday, 5 July 2010

Interview with an Expat - fourth in the series

My beloved fellow transplanted Canadian-turned-Kiwi, LeeAnn's interview is up - read it here!  We lived together in our fourth year and I was a permanent fixture in her flat in our third year (so much so, that she made me dinner every night... without her, I doubt I would have eaten dinner on a daily basis.)

LeeAnn is one of my closest friends and could well be considered family.  I'm thrilled to have her in New Zealand.  She's an endless source of comfort and support for me, when I need a bit of a Canadian perspective in a Kiwi-land.  LeeAnn moved to New Zealand about four years ago, after a we spent an exceptional two weeks driving around the South Island. 

Always having fun, whether we're scaling a sheer rock face... or just being silly together.


Alison said...

Haha! Love this photo guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks - we're good at silly photos like that. :)


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