Sunday, 22 August 2010

A fortnight's worth of Sunday Evening Reflections

I was busy having an awesome and relaxing time with LeeAnn in Wellie last Sunday, so I happily neglected my writing last weekend.  In spite of an achy back and a bit of a nasty sniffle, it's been a really lovely fortnight.  Things that I loved over the past two weeks...

1.  Getting to blob out (or lie on the floor so my back didn't ache) during a sick day last Monday and watching one of my favourite movies - Monsoon Wedding.  I've also just read that it is being adapted into a Broadway musical, which they started casting in June.  I'm curious to see how one of my favourite films translates onto Broadway.  The movie is a riot of colour and festivities, fraught with familial drama - I hope the stage production is as spectacular as the movie!  I always get a bit nostalgic for my family when I watch it, but it never fails to make me ridiculously happy.

2.  Being back in class the day after.  It was actually really lovely and the children were so very sweet, knowing that my back was achy and Katy was still sick.  Such a great group of children.

3.  I did a Parent Information Evening (about Montessori Math and Storytelling) on the Wednesday night of that week, and even though only ten people came, it went really well.  I think it's one of the best ones I've ever done actually!  It's a shame more parents weren't able to make it... but I left there feeling pretty fantastic and I got some really positive feedback about it. 

4.  Hanging out in the Air NZ lounge, and being able to take my friends in on the way to Wellington and back.  It was just so very decadent and such a pleasant way to wait for our flights!  It made the delay on the way down much more palatable.  I'd love to take Phill somewhere soon just so we can go hang out in the lounge for a bit!

5.  A fabulous weekend in Wellington, spending quality time with LeeAnn.  Girlfriend time is so good for the soul!  The purpose of the trip was actually work related.  The first reason was to attend a day's workshop at a school only a few minutes away from LeeAnn and Warwick's (gorgeous) house.  The workshop was fantastic to reignite and re inspire me, but most of all, it was a great chance to catch up with other Montessori professionals in New Zealand and to touch base with some fantastic folks that I haven't seen in ages.  Katy and I stayed on and spent Monday morning observing another 9-12 class.  We came away with some great ideas and feeling really excited about implementing some changes to make our awesome class even better. 

(That was mostly just the first week, except for the Monday observation!)

6.  I got my pretty new knitting needles in the post (which I battled for on trademe - I curse trademe lurkers!)  They're beautiful and I'm looking forward to doing some knitting with them! 

7.  A Friday night, all snuggled up on the sofa, nursing my cold, feeling sorry for myself and watching Iron Chef... I'm convinced that's why I feel better today!


8.  A super Saturday spent pampering myself.  I had my hair done first thing in the morning and then had a fun evening out with Rebecca, starting with a yummy dinner at Wagamama followed by watching the movie, Salt. (I thought it was entertaining - not fabulous, but a good, fun movie to watch on a Saturday evening with a good friend.) Again, girl time is so very good for the soul - and I always have such great time with Rebecca (which I think I've mentioned before!) 

 9.  I just made some tasty (Weight Watchers) self-saucing puddings.  What a lovely way to end a Sunday evening. 


Whew.  It's been a fantastic fortnight - bring on another week! 


Louisa said...

And dont forget celebratory/victory pizza with an fantastic sister-in-law and Phill

Thank you again for that :)

Anonymous said...

Man! I knew I'd forget something! You're very welcome - enjoy your first day of full time employment tomorrow. :)

bklyn76 said...

monsoon wedding is one of my fave flicks! i didn't know it was going to be on broadway! :)

i have no idea of what *self-saucing* means, but it looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Sheba - I had *just* read it when I was looking for the picture. :) I'd love to see it... a self-saucing pud is one that has like a spongy soft cake bit and then a hot gooey sauce on it when it comes out of the oven (hence the name self-saucing.) Sooooo yummy. I neglected to say that I ate them BOTH! :)


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