Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday Evening Reflections

I've been pulling myself out of this blue funk, and I have to say, I'm quite pleased about that.  It's utterly exhausting being down about things that can't be changed, so I've accepted things the way they are and I feel... lighter.  It's nice. 

I have to start thinking about this more throughout the week - I often find that I end up writing about things that are predominantly weekend related. I've been slack at recognising it this week... but here goes!

1.  We just had the YUMMIEST roast lamb for dinner tonight.  I managed to put my back out first thing Saturday morning, so I've been a bit foul all weekend.  To inject a bit of pep, Phill made the most delicious roast and to top it off, he's bought ice cream and mint chocolate ice cream sauce that will harden into a shell.  I am truly the luckiest girl, ever.   To further extend this food fabulousness - I get to take the left overs for lunch tomorrow!  No looking longingly at my coworkers' tasty looking treats at mid-day - tomorrow, it's mine that is the luscious lunch!

2.  A great movie date with Rebecca last night to see Knight and Day.  It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but a bit of good, giggly fun.  Tom Cruise plays (plays??) crazy so well... and he did look good.  I also drove the cute red car on the highway there and back and did okay!  Rebecca was lovely and supportive (as she always is!)  I enjoy my time hanging out with Bexki - whether we're exercising (which admittedly, I've not been so good with) or shopping (she is an excellent shopping partner) or just being.  She's always got a sympathetic ear, but also offers wise words and some sensible perspective.  I am so thankful that I've gotten to know her better over the past couple of years. 
3.  We went to some open homes on Saturday.  None of them were THE HOUSE but it was great to get out and see what was available and to get an idea of what I want in a home.  So exciting!!

4.  We started last week with an hour and a half session in the art room.  The kids were lovely and completely engaged the entire time.  It was such a beautiful, peaceful way to start the week.

But my favourite moment of the week...

5.  While giving a lesson on integers on Friday, one of my girls (who lost her father when she was just turning six) stated (in a very blase manner and seemingly out of left field) "You know, when a life has sorrow in it, it makes you appreciate the good things that much more.  Some people don't realise how good they have it.  I appreciate what I have."  (As she drew her number line from -10 to +10.)  I had to turn away so she didn't see the tears in my eyes.  If it wasn't inappropriate, I would have gathered her up and hugged her to bits.  Thank you, KW (I don't like using my students' names on here, but Katy will know who I'm talking about), for reminding me how good I really have it. 

I'm really looking forward to this week - hope you have a great one too!


Kerry said...

I am always in awe of how you see the world and how you so beautifully interpret and articulate it! I wish I was brave and as articulate to do the same.
You are a very genuine person who is never far from my thoughts.
Thank you for sharing your perspective on life with all of "us" as I know what you see is what we all see just some of us cant put it into words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kerry - it means a lot to me that you think so highly of me. You're very brave too, my friend - we're all brave in our own ways and however we need to be. :) Take care, my lovely - I'm only around the corner if you need anything! x

Anonymous said...

And that was VERY articulate, Kerry!!

Megan said...

That dinner looks so delicious. I am very jealous, lamb roast is one of my favourites. I am always amazed at how insightful children can be, sometimes we don't give them enough credit. Have a wonderful start to the week x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan - it was indeed tasty and just as good as my lunch today! I know I'm biased, but I have some fantastic kids in my class, and this young lady is a very insightful wee poppet - and she's just hilarious - she can always make me smile. :) Hope you've had a happy Monday! x


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