Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Time for a yarn...

In a never ending quest to stop myself from eating while blobbing out in front of the television, I have taken up knitting over the last year... I have friends that make fun of me (in a good natured kind of way) and refer to me as Nana (which I am okay with.) 

Not only does it keep my hands nice and busy while I'm staring blankly at the television, but I've really enjoyed the challenge of learning something new and the feeling of satisfaction when I finish a project is unlike any other (maybe because I often did not finish craft projects I started.)  I don't have the patience to do anything adult-sized yet - I've only done baby clothes/items.

I've given a few things as gifts, but I keep forgetting to take photos.  A couple of my friends kindly took photos of their gorgeous boys and my knitted creations for me to post on my blog.  (Thanks guys!)
 Taraz, sporting the second hat I knit.  This was the first thing I tried to do in stripes, and on four needles.  Quite the challenge, but it turned out really well!

My favourite thing though, has been when I present my finished projects to the intended recipients (or their parents, as the case may be.)  They genuinely appreciate the time, effort, care and consideration that has gone into each and every individual stitch; if they only knew how much swearing went into each piece!! 

 The one and only blanket I've ever finished on my own.  I felt very clever knitting in the basket weave pattern for Marcus' blanket.  His dad, Allan, assures me that Marcus enjoys playing with his blanket and pulling it over his head.  So cute!  It took ages, and I swore I'd never do another blanket, but I've already started another one.

I think this may actually be a crafting hobby I stick with - not only for the relaxation and satisfaction, but I love making things and sharing a bit of old school home knitting with my friends.


bklyn76 said...

adorable! wish i had enough patience just to get through *casting on*.

L . said...

I love knitting! Long live the Nanas of all ages! Lovely blanket. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheba! I find casting on really painful, but love it from there. :)

L - I love your love for the knitting! Thank goodness for you helping me. :) Thanks for the blanket love - I was particularly proud of it!

Katie said...

I've just begun to knit! I asked for knitting classes for my birthday and I started them as soon as my report cards were finished. I started with a scarf, I'm hoping it will be done by winter, and I'm almost finished a bear. At my next class (Monday) I'm going to start a hat. Matt teaches archery and he found a pattern for an archery target hat that I'm going to attempt, he just won't be allowed to wear it to class ;)

Katie said...

this is the hat I'm going to try

and this is my first time "embedding a link" so I don't know if it will work

Anonymous said...

The hat is too cute, Katie! I'd love to see some pictures of your finished projects! I'm still muddling along, but I'm quite pleased with some of the stuff I've done. My mum-in-law, both of Phill's nanas and LeeAnn help me out a lot with my knitting queries, so I'm quite lucky! :)

The purlbee blog has some good knitting bits and tutorials on there too!


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