Saturday, 18 September 2010


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Another new feature that I've been dreaming up for a while has finally taken shape in my mind.  Music is, and always has been an important feature in my life.  I've gone from being a performer in some way, shape or form, to simply an appreciator... while I miss performing, I hope I never lose my appreciation for music.  One of the things I love most is getting to know new artists and their work.  Somewhere in passing, I heard  that when you hear a song you like on the radio, a wave of feel-good endorphins are released and it provides something akin to a high.  That's why when you're driving along, full of ennui, your spirits can be instantly lifted by unexpectedly hearing a song you love on the radio.

A lovely friend at work (Catherine) suggested (while handing me the CD) that I give a listen to Florence and the Machine.  I loved it!!  After listening poor Florence to death, I asked Catherine for some suggestions so I could compile a new playlist.  Kindly Catherine made me a mix CD!  Check it out below... I couldn't find one song she put on my CD (Cruel by Dane Rumble) and the version of Poi E that's on here is not nearly as awesome as the one by Patea Maori Club.  I already knew she was fantastic, but she absolutely won my heart when I saw she had put The Cure on my mix.

So for my first Playlist, I'm featuring the mix Catherine made pour moi.

What would you put on a Playlist for someone you work with?

Tracks for Tez


bklyn76 said...

completely agree that good songs release endorphins...and the urge to belt out the words, even if you don't know them and are totally off key! [maybe that's just me though.]

Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of making words up as i go. :)


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