Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I have a slight block dear readers few,
So for inspiration, I'm turning to you.

In my Gratitude Alphabet, I'm stuck on "O"
What to do, I just do not know.

So what would you do?
I'd appreciate one suggestion or two!


Katie said...

Jack suggests Otters because they could help you swim and they are cute, octopus because "if you are falling off a building they could reach down and catch you and they are also funny".

Quinn says he is thankful for ovals and octagons because when you trace them it helps you write them out on a paper (?)

Oxygen is fairly useful, but I love fresh squeezed Orange juice, and October is a wonderful month, we get Thanksgiving and Halloween.

I hope we've unblocked you a little bit.


Louisa said...

I am thankful for the Orchard.

And Vince is thankful for oreos, and origami .

Gayle is Volatile said...

Nice little poem :)

I have a few words:
Opaque. Occupation. Occular. Outstanding. Orange. Odours. Oblong.

I dont know. Those are just some random O words that came to mind :D

-Gayle from

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! I've got heaps of ideas rattling around now. :) Just quietly, I can't believe I forgot about my birth month of October...

Katie - your boys certainly are helpful!!

Thanks Gayle - welcome - love your 'O' words! :)


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