Thursday, 21 October 2010

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times... 'F' reappears...

Smiles of ladies on holidays, with over a week left to relax!
The best potatoes ever and some scrummy dinner & our desserts!
A couple of days later, I met The Girls (Ladies Who Lunch) at Prego for lunch (and because I was feeling poorly, I managed to thoroughly disorient myself and walk the wrong direction and couldn't find the restaurant.  Imagine the number of Nerd Points I won when I turned back to find my way to the restaurant, only to realise that I was parked almost directly across the road.  Yes, I am very clever.)  We try to meet every holidays for a catch up over some tasty Italian fare.  It has become somewhat of a tradition, and I look forward to seeing my fabulous girlfriends, as well as the scrummy lunch.  We can't always all make it, but our friends who are unable to make it are always toasted and close to our hearts and thoughts.  

That was all in the first week!
The second week started with a Chai & Chat event in JK that we organised to promote one of our events for Education Week.  As I was still feeling poorly, I wasn't as enthusiastic as I wanted to be for the event.  I was looking forward to it, but feeling like death put a bit of a damper on things.  I was so pleasantly surprised!  There weren't as many of us as we had hoped, but the few of us had such a great time playing games, eating Doritos and pizza.  The best thing was, I got to know some members of the Auckland Jamat.  Good times.  

Miriam's birthday rolled around a couple of days later, so she graciously invited us over for lunch and to celebrate the birthdays of Alana, Bridie and of course, her own.  We all brought a bit for lunch and we were once again blessed with a magnificent spread of food!  I have to say (although I didn't have any) - she made a lovely bacon & egg pie that Phill got to enjoy.  Yet another excellent afternoon spent with excellent company. 
Phillipa, Alana, Sarah, Fiona, Rebecca, Miriam & The Beautiful Birthday Bag
Believe it or not, there's still more... On Saturday, Phill and I made our way to the supermarket.  He (being the awesome guy that he is) thought that we could get a small stuffed turkey roast for Sunday dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.  Upon seeing that a small rolled turkey was $30, I shifted my attention to the whole turkeys in the compartment next door.  I mistakenly assumed that they weren't that expensive.  One thing led to another, phone calls were made to invite Rebecca, Louisa, her friend Kat and Vince over for dinner and it transpired that we had an $80 bird for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was a bit of a culinary adventure, and I shall spare you the details but I'll just say... the turkey was AWESOME.  A great deal of thanks was given.  I loved starting a new tradition with my family and injecting a bit of Canadiana in our lives!
A very big bird, meant to feed 12-13.  There were 6 of us.

A large pile of turkey (there was more on the bird that we couldn't be bothered to get off) and an equally large pile of stuffing. 
Because we had an abundance of turkey left over (surprise, surprise), I made Wayne a birthday pie since he arrived in Auckland on his birthday.  It was my first attempt at a pie.  I'll be honest (& humble)... it was really good!!  It goes without saying that it was great to have Wayne here for a few days too. 
No pie tastes better than a personalised birthday pie!
 So much yummy goodness... and now, it is obvious why I've had to go back to the gym and have a personal trainer (who I have been cursing all week.)  But it was worth every minute, every yummy mouthful and every single memory and laugh that went with each and every bite.

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