Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Another Letter to Dad

Possibly the best picture ever.  Dad feeding me birthday cake... I'm guessing 4th or 5th birthday, based on the fact that I know I have a school photo in that sweater.
Dear Dad,

Tomorrow's my first 'First' without you. Everyone at home's had their First… this is my first one. I feel a bit nauseous to tell the truth.

I had a lovely evening tonight while I was at the movies with Phillipa, but there was a scene, where a father had to say good bye to his son. While I am not your son, it seemed to kick me in the gut in just that way... Let's just say I sniffled more than once. That's when I remembered that tomorrow will be the first time ever, that I don't talk to you on my birthday. I don't like it. Not one bit. Some part of me will still be waiting for your phone call.

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow, Dad… I know you're always with me.  Please don't worry about me too much, like I always tell you, I'm fine - promise.  I have Phill and Mum, as well as Navaz & Shazeen.  In addition, I've got some fantastic, loving, supportive people in my life.  I'm truly blessed, Dad... so it's okay (and normal) for me to be a bit sad.  I'm okay with it.   

But I'll still be thinking of you and waiting for my call.
Love you & miss you,

My KFC birthday feast.  I think this was my 9th birthday... I got to pick dinner and have a friend over to join us.
Can't leave out my wonderful Mum & fantastic brother.  Dad was behind the camera (of course.) 


Megan said...

Oh my goodness that first and last photo are just gorgeous. This is a really nice letter Tez, I think your dad would be proud of how strong you are. Have a wonderful birthday and no that he is with you in spirit and watching over you.

Megan said...

Hugs, my dear.

Sharmin said...

Your letter to your dad felt like me writing my dad one, although its been a few years now.
Cute pics.....liked the second one especially.

Faiza said...

have to say that i loved the pictorial journey of kassam's various hair and goatee dos!

happy birthday tez. your dad is having a lot of firsts too and i know that he is so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

@Megan - Thank you - they're my favourite photos... and they never fail to make me smile. I know he's with me and giving me the strength I need every step of the way.

@Megan - Huge hugs back, lovely friend. x

@Sharmin - Write your dad a letter! Although I tend to cry my eyes out when I'm doing it, it never fails to make me feel better. I've written heaps. Only posted two. Glad you liked the photos. :)

@Faiza - Why thank you - we're a stylish bunch you know. It seems I've always had the same haircut with slight variations. This has worrisome implications re: mullets. Thank you my love... we're all having our firsts (Dad too) and making it through alright. x


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