Monday, 21 February 2011

A Celebration of Life

We returned from Nana's funeral yesterday, in New Plymouth.  It was a brilliantly sunny day and was quite a pleasant drive.  Phill even let me listen to my Glee soundtrack(s) for several consecutive hours.  This also means that he (and Louisa) were forced to listen to me sing (sometimes at the top of my lungs) for several consecutive hours.  Louisa went to sleep.  Phill is a patient and and loving man.

The time we spent in New Plymouth was... good.  Is it okay to say that?  Things went as they do, and it was good to be there to provide support and love whenever and wherever it was needed.  There was a lot of laughter over the days that we were there, and it was said more than once, the gathering was not only to mourn the passing of an amazing lady, but even more so to celebrate her life. 

So I got to thinking about celebrating life... and I wanted to celebrate and share a tiny snippet of memories I have of some close family who have blessed me with their presence in my life.

  • I could fill pages with memories about Dad.  I've already shared my favourite memories of fishing with him.  He always did say no matter how old I got, and no matter where I lived, I'd always be his baby.  We may have butted heads a bit, but I was such a daddy's girl.  

  • Sitting in Wada Mummy and Papa's room (my maternal grandparents) and listening to Pops talk about how he fell in love with Wada Mummy the first time he saw her hanging out the washing.  He still looked at her with so much love and adoration sixty years later, my heart choked.  I promised myself at that point, I wouldn't settle for anything less than that.  (Phill looks at me like that - I've sneaked a peek!)
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of memories with Wada Mummy.  Mostly I loved laying on the sofa with my head in her lap, as she'd play with my hair and would tell me stories of her life.  She was so unbelievably interesting, strong and inspiring.  
  • The first time Nana Woller met me, she turned to Phill and said "You'd better hang on to this one, or you'll get a boot in the bum!"  I knew there was a reason I liked her right away!
  • I quite liked that Phill's Grandad Couper always called me "Little Girl" even though I am now the oldest of all the Couper grandkids.  It always made me smile.  

  • My paternal Grandfather, Bapa, and I had a bit of a language barrier, but he loved an A & W commercial that used to come on the telly and he would giggle like a little girl!  It was the most beautiful sound.  
There are hundreds (no, thousands) more memories of many marvelous people that have been a part of my life, but these are just a small selection of the memories showing the laughter, love and gratitude my heart is full of.

What are some of your favourite memories with those who have passed through your life?  


Faiza said...

how funny. when i think of your grandparents (your mom's parents) i always picture them in their bedroom in their apartment too. such a fun and happy and comforting place that i was lucky enough to visit with you.

sending you hugs and love.

Anonymous said...

I used to have the best sleeps in their bedroom! I'm glad you got to visit their place with me too. Just thinking of them makes me happy. :)

Gratefully receiving hugs and love and sending some back! xox


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