Thursday, 24 March 2011

Beat the Christmas Blues Swap - again, 'S' is busy rocking it!

Yahoo! I got my package from my lovely swap partner over at ellecupcake! She sent me a bunch of super cute things which I adore.  Thanks to Alyssa from just putting it out there for organising us, especially since our messages refused to go through to each other. :)
She sent me a whole bunch of really cute sticky tape - I'm very excited to use them when I do some catch ups on neglected snail mail!
Hi-larious!  Aside from the fact that the bootylicious gum was made in Canada (I think bootylicious bubbles would have been a great opportunity for alliteration, by the way) - I love the subtitles on it: 'back dat flava up' and 'spankin' good flava.'  HA!  That made me belly laugh.
My awesome stash!  I especially like the coffee cozy - It kept my hands from burning on my coffee this fine morning... and who doesn't love Fun Dip? 
Pretty, pretty, pretty jewelery Danelle painted herself.  I would have posted this sooner, but I had put the jewelery on as soon as I got it, so I had to remember to take them off and bring them down to take the photo!

More 'S' to be grateful for - fabulous swaps, swap partners & organisers!  


sheba said...

you're a girl after my own heart by sneaking in that alliteration!

ellecupcake said...

I'm glad you liked it! That was a lot of fun :)

Anonymous said...

@Sheba - I *knew* you'd appreciate that! :)

@Danelle - Back at ya! I'll write you a letter soon too. :)

Faiza said...

ahhh such a fun swap!

Anonymous said...

@Faiza - thank YOU for introducing me to the world of swaps! I love it!


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