Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm A Crafty Minx!

I'm resisting the urge to say "Top o'the mornin' to ya!" but let me tell you, it's a challenge right now.  I like a bit of cheesiness.  It makes me smile.  I have love for St. Patrick's Day... It has been celebrated at Glendowie Primary for just over 10 some odd years.  As Anne-Marie said today - it wasn't a celebration of just the Irish culture (in our school's case) but more the wealth of cultures, heritage and experiences we all bring with us.

Just before the end of the school day, our toes were set tapping to a fantastic and fun jig that sprung up out of nowhere... we were lining up to go to another classroom for a chat, and suddenly, two guys came around the corner playing the most rousing Irish Jig on a fiddle and a banjo!  It was great (and somewhat random!)  Such a fun way to end a school day. :)  Feeling particularly thankful for that, as I may have felt a bit challenged by some goings on today. 

Now, on to my crafty-minxiness.  I'm trying very hard to remember to take photos of my letters and packages before I send them off, as well as my knitting projects before I give them away.  The problem with both of them (as I have previously mentioned) is I get SO excited about them, I send them as soon as I can and don't remember to take a photo until it's too late.

But... I did remember to take a photo of the package I sent to my swap partner over at ellecupcake.  We had a bit of difficulty in co-ordinating our packages to get to each other because the emails we were sending one another wouldn't get through.  I was so happy to send her package off and I was thrilled she liked her bits and pieces.  Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the contents... but I did take a picture of the box!
A little box filled with goodies!  A post is planned over at ellecupcake later in the week to show off her pressies.
But that's not all!  I've been ridiculously busy clittering, clattering and clicking my knitting needles together to make my magnificent knit creations!  I spent aaaaaaages making (ridiculously adorable) vests for my friend's twin boys and forgot to take a photo of them.  I'm working on another vest (but in different colours) for another baby boy, so there will be a photo soon!
I can't get this photo to rotate, so you'll have to turn your head sideways.  I did this piece several months ago - it was the first thing I finished all on my own, with absolutely no help.  I was so proud of it!  I was going to keep it for myself "just in case" but when my dear friend told me she was expecting, I knew it had actually been made for her.  My heart melted when I saw the photo of her darling girl in it and I was so pleased I sent it over to them.  
 This one was another gift for another wee girl.  I really struggled with this one, but it turned out alright.  Not as good as I hoped, but I think she liked it.  I did think my racing stripes on the arms were super cute though. :)

Then I forgot to take photos of the many things I knit.  But more recently...

I felt very clever, as I whipped these up last weekend at Phillipa's request for her friends down in Manawatu.  It was the first knitting request I've had!  I was quite chuffed.

This cutie I also whipped up in a weekend (but only stuffed it yesterday) to send off to Christchurch for the collection that's happening over at Kiwi At Heart for the children of Chch.  I think he's gorgeous, as do my class!  I think the kids are starting to realise how cool knitting really is.

This jumper took me ages.  I'm technically not finished it because I haven't woven in all the ends - there are so many!  I did this one with a baby boy in mind, but upon meeting him, I realised it wouldn't fit come winter time.  So I'm hanging onto this one.  It may go in my hope chest, because I don't know that I will do something with little stripes like this again.  It was a bit of a mission with tangles... but so worth it.  I think it's my favourite item I've ever knit!

There's still one more knitting photo to come, but it's a little gift for Katy.  I'm giving it to her tomorrow, so stay tuned for photos.  Here's to hoping I remember to snap a picture this time!


ellecupcake said...

Thanks again! I loved the package! And wow.. You are so so crafty. That is so nice of you to donate your crafts. So much love in them. :)

Katie said...

The elephant is awesome, I love it. The stripy sweater is amazing, really well done, and you used 3 colours?? all together?? wow! I'm going to learn how to make a fair isle bag on Monday, a knit-along with my knitting teacher. Well done Ms. Minx :)

sheba said...

top o' the morning to you! [it's still morning here!]

wow, tez, those are amazing and adorable! some of my favourite gifts that i received when indy was born are handknits.

um, i HAVE TO have one of those elephants! no, i'm not kidding.

Design Elements said...

awesome elephant! lovely greetings

Anonymous said...

@elle - you're still very welcome! :) I'm going to have to knit another elephant for my class once I put that one in the post!

@Katie - Thank you! The elephant was super easy! I'll link up the pattern link in my next post. Thanks for the comps on the sweater - it was a bit of a mission, but I got there in the end. I haven't been game enough to try fair isle or cables yet. Apparently fair isle is the 'in' thing this winter too...

Anonymous said...

@Sheba - Thank you! I do love giving handknits as gifts, like elle said - a lot of love goes into them.

@DesignElements - thank you so much! Welcome!


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