Sunday, 13 March 2011

Strugging With "S"

I usually wait for inspiration to strike me when I'm working on my Alphabet of Gratitude.  I've had so many thoughts about the letter 'S' but none have them have formed into blog posts.  Generally, I have an idea and I write.  The ideas take shape in my mind and by the time I sit down at my computer, it unfurls.  It pours through my fingers, clattering away on my keyboard, fast and furious.  This time... nothing, nada, zilch, zero.  Trust me, it's rare that I have nothing to say. 

The thing is, I haven't stopped being grateful!  It's just not flowing as it does, in my usual, verbose way.  I think there's a lot swirling around in my head and I need to regain some balance and peace.  It's when I'm the most relaxed and quiet in mind that the writing flows. 

So here is a list, a simple, self-explanatory list of things that I'm grateful for that begin with 'S.'

  • Sisters-In-Law (I am very lucky to have awesome ones in Shazeen, Louisa, Jenna and Nashina.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me!)

Shazeen's the lady with the tiara and Nashina is the lady in the black top... this is one of my favourite photos of all time, with some of my favourite people of all time!

Jenna, Myself and Louisa looking fabulous!
  • Silence (please refer to my post for 'Q')
  • Skype (I get to see my favourite people who are near in my heart but far in distance.  Love it.)
  • Students (Mine are gorgeous.  I love my class... seriously!)
  • Sleep-ins.  (Delicious.  No explanation required.)
  • Saturday!
  • Sunny Sunday Afternoons (especially when they're lazy ones!)
What 'S' are you grateful for?


Megan said...

Inspiration has been lacking over on my blog lately, too. Great post.

bklyn76 said...

lovely post! i've been missing your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan & Sheba! I appreciate the most important 's' of all, which I left off - support! x


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