Thursday, 26 May 2011


Today, as I drove home in the torrential downpour, I arrived at the very deep puddle that I always forget about when I'm driving through the rain.  When we first moved here, I was hesitant to go through it in my little, low, sporty car.  It used to a bit of a liberating feeling driving through it and seeing the water swoosh up in a big wave on either side of the windows.  Fun, fun, FUN!  As the days (and torrential downpours) wore on over the years, like everything, I lost that little thrill and I didn't really think much of it... it was the final hurdle some days before I'd get home - thoughts like  "Drive through the puddle, get home, do this that and the other..." would tramp through my head.  Swoosh would go the water, and then I'd be home.  Sweet. 

Back to this afternoon - I pulled over as another car approached the little lake on Felix Street.  I figured a bit of courtesy on a wet afternoon couldn't be a bad thing... especially where I was feeling so very tired and a bit fed up.  I just wanted to get home, so I thought a bit of Karmic Kindness was in order.  Swoosh went their car - and as they drove by, I saw that the back window was open and fully out of the window hung a young girl (about 9ish) with a look of pure, undisguised, joy.  A child's joy... that awesome joy that as adults, we sometimes forget.  The delight in a simple, fun SWOOSH!  It was awesome. 

I then took my turn driving through and loved every second of my swoosh(I may have even sped up a bit to get a bigger wave!!)  

Thank you, pretty young girl, for reminding me to take joy in the everyday fun things in life - especially when it's rainy and dreary outside.

What everyday thing have you taken joy in recently?



Faiza said...

swoosh! i gotta say i am napping up a storm these days. luxuriating (is that a word?) in my week off and crossing nothing off my to do list except NAPPING!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! Enjoy your week of pure YOU, my dear. :) You deserve it! xox


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