Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just 5 More Minutes...

Yesterday, I wrote a poem with one of my writing groups, which seemed to sum up how I feel most mornings...

"Waaaah, Waaaah, Waaaah" screams my alarm clock,
Rousing me out of a dreamy slumber.
Five more minutes, I plead... rubbing my crusty eyes.
I yawn and stretch my limbs like a cat basking in the sun,
But I am a sloth.
I burrow back under my duvet like a mole.
"Smaaaaaaaaaaack!"  I whack the snooze button.
Five more minutes.

A friend of mine today made a good point - we always just want 5 more minutes... to eat our lunch; to talk to our friends; to read our book; of peace; to finish the marking; of cuddles or 5 more minutes to say goodbye... 

I love my extra 5 minutes of dozing in the morning (okay, it's more like 30 minutes... today it was 45.)  It is delicious... a little bit extra, that I'm cheekily adding on, when I know I shouldn't. 

Both of these songs are called 5 More Minutes... I think I've found two new songs to add to my ipod.

What's your favourite "5 more minutes?"


sheba said...

5 more minutes of sleep...always.

Faiza said...

5 more minutes of hugs and playing with Kahzmir before he goes to bed.

Anonymous said...

Sheba - I'm with you! (or 45 minutes or the case may be!)

Faiza - that sounds like bliss! I don't think 5 more minutes would EVER be enough for cuddles from a beautiful boy. :)


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