Sunday, 22 May 2011

'U' is for unconditional

Now, to go along with my general blogging absence, this post has been written in my mind for the last few weeks (at least.)  Actually, it's been written since April 20th, when our home went unconditional and it became ours, (with no conditions - as the word implies.)  It was just a matter of sitting down and translating it from inane chatter and excitement in my mind, into a tangible, written form of jubilation.  I also had to get over my overwhelming sadness about Dad; since that fog has lifted, I can see things with more clarity once again.

It makes me indescribably grateful that Phillip and I have found our (dream) home.  After tears, torment, tantrums, arguments and immeasurable frustration, we have a house.  Not just a house, but a very, very, very fine house.  I know most of you have seen the photos of Facebook and commented on them, but really, I've posted for me to admire once again.
The backyard and vege patch.
The front.
The view from one of the 'guest' bedrooms.
Our cat-to-be, Hazel!  I'm so excited to have a cat again - the vendors can't take her to Canada with them, so we've agreed to take her on.
We have to get out of our flat.  Not in a "I'm sick of this place, we simply must leave!" kind of way, but "You have x number of weeks to vacate this property, as it has been sold." 

The last six months have been full of tumult, drama, hopes and disappointment - it's such a feeling of relief to know that there's an end (of that particular stress) in sight.

But wait, there's more!  It's the feeling of a new beginning and a fresh start.  A home that is our own, that we can paint the walls and decorate and enjoy as ours.  A home that we can fill with touches of ourselves, to welcome guests and have room to move.  A home in which we can grow, laugh and love. 

I'm so excited and thankful that Phillip and I will be starting this awesome, new chapter together in the next 5 weeks... actually, the closing date is in 33 days; not that I'm counting.


Katie said...

I love that you got a cat with the house! Congratulations again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie! :)

sheba said...

wow! gorgeous! e and i are jealous over here as we look out our living room window into our patch of weeds. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheba!! Hopefully the weeds will be at a minimum in our patch, but that'll be all due to Phill. I hold no illusions in regards to my gardening skills. :)

Faiza said...

such a beauty of a HOME. definitely an example of "good things come to those who wait..."

that cat is gorgeous and it's kind of wonderful that you get a new start and a new addition to your family at the same time.

love you.


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