Friday, 26 August 2011

10 Good Things...

Last year, when I was home sick, I wrote this post.  I feel as though, being home sick today calls for a similar post.  I'll tell the truth though, I'm struggling with this one today.  I've even felt too poorly to knit and I'm missing Quiz Night tonight!  Oh, the injustice!

But, along the lines of my recent project of '10 good things' I'm going to give it a go... 10 positives about being sick today...
  1. It's a bright sunny day, so the house is warm.
  2. The cat has enjoyed having us both home (sick) today.
  3. I watched one of my favourite movies ever, Love Actually.
  4. I slept for about 13 hours last night.
  5. I got to have a quick chat online with Shazeen
  6. and she showed me some beautiful family portraits they had done.
  7. I have the whole weekend to rest up and feel better.
  8. I got to laze around in my trackies all day.
  9. I am actively contributing to Kleenex's profit margin.
  10. I had a nap on the sofa, with the afternoon sun shining on me.
Okay - not feeling physically better (yet.)  But it could be a lot worse, right?


Faiza said...

sounds like a blessed day for sure. happy that you aren't too sick to enjoy those 10 wonderful things!

Anonymous said...

Thanks my love - and it must have helped because I'm feeling better today! x


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