Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A (Life) Lesson From A Student...

My class makes me crazy, but I love them.
With all my heart, I really do. 
Sometimes I need to growl and grumble at them.
But (I hope) they know that I adore them.

Today, two of my boys were giggling.  Giggling, giggling, giggling.  Non-stop titter, tatter, twitter, chuckle, chatter, giggle, guffaw... It was quite sweet (although to be honest, it was driving me a bit batty as well.)

Inspired by Faiza, I headed over to The Color Of website to find what colour 'giggling' is.  I think this is quite perfect!
I mentioned it to his mum today over lunch (she works at our school.)  I said I love that he is just so very happy;  possibly one of the happiest human beings I've ever met in my life.  I swear, the boy is sunshine in a sweet, endearing, energetic, little package.  In her words, he's even happy when he gets in trouble.  He's just happy.  She told me that he literally bounds out of bed every single morning, finds his mum (no matter where she may be) and says "I need a hug."  An 11 year old boy, who still searches out his mum for a hug, first thing in the morning?  One word.  GORGEOUS! 

This child greets each day with enthusiasm, love and happiness.  He is blessed with a fresh perspective daily, and is excited for what the day might hold.  He is kind, empathetic and unbelievably friendly, regardless of what he's going through.  I want to be like that... To come into each day with such positivity and unrestrained joy can only be good for you, right? 
A wordle cloud of words from this post.  Also loving this!


Katy said...

I love it! Knew exactly who this was about in the first line of reading it. A truly inspirational class of children I think. xxx

Anonymous said...

I knew you would! I am inclined to agree with you - they're pretty awesome. :) Miss you! x

Faiza said...

i love how the colour of giggle is so close to the colour of your blog's background!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I didn't even notice that - go figure - it made me giggle. :) x


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