Monday, 16 April 2012

I Heart Striped Socks

I've been woefully slack with my blogging, I know.  It just seems that there's so much to do, all the time!

My knitting needles haven't exactly been flying, as much as they have been plodding... let's put it this way - my knitting speed and my wool buying have an inversely proportional relationship.  That, combined with my knitting ADD and new found comfort (and satisfaction?) in ripping projects apart means I'm not getting much done and my wool stash is ever increasing.

But!  There is a ray of sunshine in this dismal situation!  I have finally finished my socks!  I so rarely make anything for myself, I decided to put me first...

Lies!  All lies.  I ripped apart Emma's (our new niece) cardigan and am about to rip apart Phillipa's baby's jacket.  I needed something to take when we went to visit Emma last week, we were running out the door and I wanted something quick and easy to transport.  I finished the first sock ages ago and then put the second one down to work on things that are now being redone. 

I am keen to learn more patterns for sock knitting.  It's a bit of an arduous task because I prefer finer wool for my sweet feet, but I do love socks... and I may have bought a lot of sock wool when it was on sale.


The bright colours of these socks, the cosiness and perfectness of them make me so happy, it verges on giddiness.  It was also handy, as I forgot to pack socks when we went down to the Manawatu.  I felt pretty darn clever, whipping up some socks to keep me warm!

So, I may have developed stronger thigh muscles from putting the socks on and just holding my legs up just so I could admire them... I wonder how many Weight Watchers ProPoints that would equal - isometric leg raises, no?

Socks raveled here.


sheba said...

fun socks always complete an outfit!

Anonymous said...

That they do! I really love socks... even more so when I've knit them myself!


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