Friday, 9 March 2012

I Have Acquired A Reputation

My friends are starting to see knitted things/art/pictures etc and sending me links, taking photos or thinking of me.  I think it's quite sweet on their part... or maybe I need another hobby or shut up about my knitting?

Nonetheless, a lovely, kind friend sent me a link to some photos of a mystery knitter who left Olympics themed knitted figures on a pier in London - I love mystery knitters!  I aspire to be a mystery knitter, except I'd get too excited and tell everyone about it and it'd no longer be a mystery.  A good friend once told me he was an enigma... I'd like to think I'm an enigma, but really, I'm more than an open book.  I'm an audiobook, which is happily broadcast for all and sundry to hear.  I digress.  Check out the photos if you get a chance.  Super cute!

This could be me during one of my workouts with Marc!


Megan said...

This is what happened to me. Except it was David Hasselhoff.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather knitting pictures than Hoff pictures, personally. :)

WS said...

I think you should be loud and proud! Too many people still think knitting is a granny thing (which annoys me rather a lot). Those pictures are so cute! It's similar to the knitting thing that happened in Devonport (was it?) here during the Rugby World Cup!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I can't HELP but to be loud and proud! :) It drives me batty when people think it's a granny thing, too.

I thought it was gorgeous! It is very much like the one in Devonport for the RWC - I never got out to see it, which I was a bit gutted about... maybe I'll have to take a trip to London to see these? :)

Faiza said...

that black weight lifting knitted creature is adorable!

i have decided to not let the world know too much about my giraffe love. it has resulted in a lot of giraffe stuff being sent my way. the sentiment in receiving all the giraffe stuff is great of course bit i have so much giraffe stuff now (that i can't use and don't have room for). sigh!

Anonymous said...

I may put away the giraffe I was knitting for you then (totally kidding! Although I do have a pattern... no kidding.)

I'm okay with my reputation, because if people are sending me things, it'll only be wool, which will squish up to fit in my box! :)

Florida gator forum said...

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Anonymous said...

Anytime - glad you enjoyed it!


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