Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hippo's Baby Brother

So a month later, I've finally finished the second hippo for another friend's bub.

He's a bit more trim than his purple sister, but still quite endearing.

I loved using this squishy wool from The Wool Company,  I bought it from a lovely parent who donated it for use in class and when I spied it, I implored her (quite shamelessly) to let me buy it from her.  She wasn't fussed and I ended up with another lovely skein of squishy wool from one of my favourite shops (as if I needed more.)

This means I can start knitting for my own bub next!  I'm very excited to pick my pattern and the perfect wool for my baby!


Megan said...

handmade gifts are the sweetest and now you get to start work on the sweetest homemade gift of all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan!


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