Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yes, October!

My Facebook newsfeed is full of comments that say things along the lines of "October?  Where did the year go?" or  "October already?" and so on and so forth... which gave me pause to think for a short moment (because my attention span is that much shorter now... sort of like a gnat... this post has taken all day... I'm not kidding.  A gnat.)

YES!  Yes indeed, it is October!  And I for one, am SUPER excited!  I have always loved October, regardless of the hemisphere I've lived in.  October is awesome.
I love a good Wordle!
First of all, it's my birthday month.  I freakin' love my birthday.  A lot.  More than simple words can explain (but I will still try.)  My birthday is my day to unabashedly celebrate my wonderful life, blessings, achievements, accomplishments, and what the future may hold.  How can I not be fond of a day so full of blessings, love and promise?  This October is extra special because at the end of this particular October, I'll be in my last trimester and almost 30 weeks pregnant... again, the promise of the future is almost too much joy to bear... The mind boggles!  Score one (or even two) for October!

Next - the weather.  Some may think me nuts, but when I was in Canada, I loved the crispness in the autumn air; the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves changing and the myriad of cozy sweaters and the autumn wardrobe (my favourite of all seasons for fashion.)  Bliss.  It doesn't stop there!  Pumpkin pie; apple pie; amazing, crispy apples; those lovely pumpkiny lattes from Starbucks and Thanksgiving (which is a whole host of other wonderful familial blessings!  Let's not get into the fun of Halloween and the cute little ones in their costumes!!)  In New Zealand, the weather starts warming up (while unpredictable) the rainy days are punctuated by brilliant sunshine and the birds singing in a cacophony outside my window in the morning.  Veggies are planted in the garden, the air is fresh and smells like springtime.  Lambs frolic and bounce in Cornwall Park (so cute, it's almost stupid!) and it's the time of year where the ducks start herding their ducklings across our school grounds.  It happens every year and I'm looking forward to it again this year!  More promise for the future.  October - that's another point for you, my friend!
The Don Valley Parkway in autumn.via

Cute!  Lovely Lamb in Cornwall Park! via
In addition to that wonderfulness, there's school!  Up north, school (work) is starting to get into the swing of things, getting a handle on your classroom and starting to chug along - it's a feeling of excitement of what the year will bring - the children are bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Alternatively, down south it's starting to wind down, to see the end of a long year and the long awaited break is on its way!  Woo hoo - I'm glad to be on that end this year.  October - you're doing pretty well in the points tally.

So yes, it's October - it's about time!  I'm so glad you're finally here!

What's your favourite thing about October?


Louisa said...

You forgot to mention how amazing people with birthdays in october are!!

And how you always get to share a birthday lunch with the best tall little sis :D

Anonymous said...

How could I forget that?! Many apologies. :) xx


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