Friday, 24 May 2013

The Alphabet of Gratitude Is Resurrected! (W)

Oh hello blogosphere, how I missed you.

The last months of my pregnancy were a bit harder than expected, so blogging fell by the wayside once again as sleep and my health took precedence... fair enough, I think!

The first few months of motherhood were (are) also a bit harder going than expected (nothing prepared me for it, let's be honest) so again, blogging wasn't happening (knitting has also taken a back seat. This motherhood thing is hard core.)

So things are starting to settle and we're finding our groove as a little family and I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude at being blessed with our baby girl. Even when things are hard going, I am so thankful for her and my gorgeous Phillip (and how very patient he is. How very, very patient.)

There's another thing I'm thankful for... Women. When I had bubba, my midwife kept asking if there was a group of ladies that I met up with or talked to regularly. I now know why she kept emphasising the importance of having a women friends in the same situation. I have a couple of girlfriends who get a lot of phone calls and who come to visit me fairly regularly. For them, I am eternally grateful.

Beyond that though, there's a group I belong to on Facebook - a group of women who all had babies due in January 2013. That is the only thing that we had in common. It's all we needed.

These women are a lifeline, not only for me, but for a lot of the ladies on there. We bear our souls to each other, share our fears, joys and milestones in our own and our babies' lives. They have saved me on more than one occasion. We prop each other up with kind words, advice and love (so much of all of it!) I get a lot of that from Phill, I really do and I'm so lucky (even if I tend to grumble about him) but it's just different from women... and it saves me from texting him a million times a day while he's at work (instead he only gets about a hundred a day.)

There's something incredibly special about a community of women - a group of strangers who have come together simply to support and care for one another. I feel like it's love in one of its purest forms. I've made some fantastic friends and am lucky enough to have a support network of incredible women.

So grateful for all the women in my life and the special relationships we can develop and nurture with each other.

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