Sunday, 18 November 2012

Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit

I need to address a few things.

1. My knitting ADHD.  It is keeping me from finishing many a project.  I'm told that I will not have the luxury of time to knit once baby is born. 
    WIP #1 - A onesie I'm knitting for winter, from beautiful squishy merino wool bought from Skeinz.  I'm trying to buy more NZ made wool - it's such beautiful quality, but I still love a bargain.

WIP #2 - Most possibly the most expensive sock(s) I will ever own (ends not woven in).  So far I've only made the one.  It's a beautiful merino/silk mix from Spinning a Yarn.  Bought from a local shop - I couldn't resist the colour and how soft the wool was.  Worth buying for the fun name of the company!  With the colour and pattern, I kind of think it looks like a crocodile when I put it on.
WIP #3 - The 3rd attempt at a baby shawl.  I picked up this wool on the way out of the shop and I couldn't put it down.  It was so lovely and squishy and soft and I had to have it.  It was much more than I'd ever spend on wool, but so, so, so very lovely.  Italian wool - supersoft merino.  My first attempt at knitting lace.  It's going okay, but frustratingly (much like the frustration of the photo uploading sideways.)  Have also developed great love for that particular brand of circular needle - a birthday gift from my dear Juliette - possibly another addiction??
Finally finished something - a baby hat I whipped up last weekend from the gorgeous book Fiona got me for my birthday.  I needed to finish something.  I quite love it and can't wait to see it on our baby!  Knit with a lovely cotton wool, so hopefully good for summer.
2. My massive wool stash.  I love it, yet I loathe it.  (Thankfully, I'm not at this stage... yet.)  It's taking up too much space in bub's closet... and I've nowhere else to put it.  It taunts me... silently pointing out that I don't knit fast enough and that work (house work, work work, garden work) takes away from my creating time.  Work and napping.  Let's be honest.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant.  I have priorities.  And yes, I have fallen asleep with knitting needles in my hands, more than once.  Whatever.
My beautiful birthday haul of wool from Phill.  I was giddy while shopping and his mum encouraged me every step of the way!  I got some lovely wool that I've been aching to try, but wouldn't ever buy because it was a bit too expensive or I just didn't need it.  Since it was my birthday present, I took the opportunity to buy some bamboo, cotton, lace and luxurious sock wool.  Love!  The book is from my lovely Fiona who seemed to somehow know that I had looked at it in the shop, sighed heavily and put it back.  She read my mind!
 3. I'm addicted to buying more wool and pattern books.  I worry I'm going to become a Hoarder.  The Hoarding team will come into my home and find my child surrounded by skeins, cakes and balls of wool.  If nothing else, my baby will be warm.  I will cry and go a little loopy when they try to take it all away.  

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