Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Lot Can Happen In 10 Years

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of me landing in New Zealand. I was only meant to come here for a couple of years to work and see this side of the world... needless to say, I'm still here.  Time flies when you're having fun!

A lot's happened in the past decade.  Some of the highlights (and lowlights) include (off the top of my head):


I became a resident of New Zealand.
I met the man of my dreams (after meeting a few of the men of my nightmares!)
I went to Singapore for an amazing Golden Jubilee Darbar.

Phill and I got married (in NZ and in Canada), bought a house and had a beautiful baby.
     I missed some family weddings (boo!)

    We got to go to do a bit of travelling and go to some family weddings and engagements overseas (Aussie and U.S.A.).

    Navaz and Shazeen got married and gave us our beautiful Noah & Maya.
 Phill's brother, Grant got married to a lovely lady, Jenna and also gave us a beautiful niece.

    I developed an (unhealthy?) addiction to wool and knitting.

    I've made some amazing, lifelong friends here in NZ (so blessed! These photos are by no means all of the amazing friends I have here, but simply the ones that are already on my blog and a small selection of the wonderful people I know.)


    The rise of social media - the way we connect with each other and stay in touch has changed dramatically over the past few years. Along with that goes the mass dissemination of information - things happen and the world knows almost instantaneously... I feel that this is both good and bad in equal measure and something that has changed the world (my world) most drastically.
    The iPhenomenon... Apple's changed the landscape of portable music/phone/tablet devices.

    The first African-American president of the U.S.A. -  A pretty big deal if you ask me
    The deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston - two of my childhood favourites and idols
    A royal wedding and birth - such lovely occasions to celebrate!
    Natural disasters - earthquakes in Christchurch, Japan, Haiti & Pakistan / The Boxing Day Tsunami / Hurricane Katrina
    The All Blacks finally win the Rugby World Cup again
    The Global Fiancial Crisis
    The Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (twice in the past decade actually)

There are many, many more - what's happened in the past 10 years that resonate the most with you?


Megan said...

Happy ten year anniversary!! The last ten years has really flown, well especially the last eight since I moved to Canberra, I think that I have been though some of the best and worst times but its got me to this really fantastic, happy stage I am at now!

Anonymous said...

Love hearing that you're in a fantastic, happy stage, Megan! Makes the hard times so worth it. :)


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