Saturday, 10 August 2013

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say... Then I Had A Baby


While chattering inanely to my daughter today, I heard some of the strange things I now say (on a regular basis)...

In no particular order, at some point I have said (more than likely many times):
  • Under no circumstances are you to put your fingers in my nose.
  • Here, gnaw on my finger dear.
  • Please hold still while I pick your nose.
  • Did you enjoy sucking on my chin?
  • Meh, it's only a bit of spew - it'll dry and you won't really be able to see it.
  • Please, please, please poop.
  • I need more tutus.
  • You know, pureed pumpkin, carrot and beef actually doesn't taste too bad.
  • I had heaps of sleep last night - 5 hours in a row!
  • I wonder how easily I can expose my breast in this top...
How life changes.


Anonymous said...

I had to smile at some of those. I seem to remember something similar when mine were young. :-) It's wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

Glad it made you smile! :)
I'm sure I'll say many more unbelievable things as she gets older. ;)

Megan said...

Haha I love this especially about the spew, I can only imagine how my perspective will change when I have a baby!

Anonymous said...

Megan - I used to change my clothes and her clothes EVERY TIME she chucked up and eventually I ran out of clothes on a near daily basis and she would be changed up to 6x/day... My husband was telling someone today the same thing and now that I won't bother changing unless 1 - it smells or 2 - it's ringing wet or 3 - I'm going out. :)

Faiza said...

Everyone needs more tutus! LOVE YOU!


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