Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Cuppa Tea & Some Knitting Needles = Bliss

I've been trying to do a few things over the past year and a half while getting used to being Mum. I have also been fostering my unhealthy addiction to beautiful wool... It's getting a bit ridiculous, so I have to start knitting faster!

I am particularly proud of a few bits I've made:

A beautiful, squishy scarf made for my friend's belated birthday present. I LOVED the wool I used, unfortunately, the company doesn't make it any more.

It took ages for me to actually finish these socks. I had second sockitis. They are made with a gorgeous merino silk blend and are now my favourite socks.

Hands down, my favourite soft toy I've made. I heart this elephant... for my darling new niece.

Stocking cap made for a friend's photography business (for newborn photo shoots). Was quick and easy to knit - quite a lot of fun really.
Matching pants - They were a bit challenging at first, but turned out really well. Super cute.

The Legoman. He made me crazy. He made me cry. He turned out pretty well... and the arms move, which is kind of cool.

Jacket I knitted for bubs for day care. It turned out well... I feel like it's kind of boring, but people seem to like it. I may make another with a variegated (multi-coloured) wool, just for a bit of interest.

I've managed to do a few projects, so I'm happy - so many things to knit and so much squishy wool to use and so little time! (All projects are listed on Ravelry.)


Faiza said...

I feel like your feet have an attraction to bright green. Like you have always had a pair of bright green socks the whole time I've known you.

Am I imagining this?

Tesneem Couper said...

Hmmmm... I did have a pair of very bright green argyle socks that I used to wear a lot, but I can't remember how long I have had them (I still sort of have them. One sock keeps going missing and then randomly turning up.)

It is entirely possible that I wore bright green tights, with cut offs and a body suit at some point in high school and that memory could be burned into your consciousness forever.


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