Friday, 25 July 2014

Ten Years At Our Montessori Unit

Tomorrow, it will be eleven years since I arrived in New Zealand; Monday will mark my tenth year teaching at the Montessori Unit at our school. A decade! At the same school! I have seen families come and go; I have taught all the children in some families (so I have known some for almost that entire time), and right now there are students in my class that I remember as toddlers or preschoolers who insisted on wearing the same dress every day (and this child's mother despairing over it!)

Today, my ten year anniversary was celebrated with some of my friends from school and with our Montessori family.

I have to say it...

I am one lucky girl.

After listening to a song written and composed by a student (who sang SO sweetly); watching one of my students dance (I wish I was that graceful); receiving thoughtfully handmade gifts/poems from the children, as well as beautiful flowers and gifts from the Montessori Board of Trustees, then listening to very kind words about me (and taking note of the stories that were kindly left out), I blubbed my way through thanking everyone there.

My co-workers, families at school and the Montessori Trust have not only been my friends over the past years, but have been my support system and been part of my New Zealand family.

I am so thankful - my heart is very full... and I know, I am loved.

(I actually have cake, not chocolate, but the thought is much the same!)  via


Faiza said...

Happiest anniversary!

Tesneem Couper said...

Thank you, my love!


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