Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! – Part Deux

I was showered with love, showered with kisses, and showered with good wishes – now I'm happily swimming in a vast, wide, endless ocean of happiness and gratitude.
My birthday celebrations began during the long weekend, when we went to Katikati to celebrate my 30th (again) and Louisa's 21st. It's amazing how I seem to remain the same age, as everyone else carries on aging. It's an acquired skill. It was lovely to hang out with the whole family... Jenna and I went on a tour of Tauranga and The Mount, we ate, we laughed and we just relaxed.  Phill's mum made both Louisa and I an awesome birthday cake each - she found the cutest decorations!

Mum picked shoes and butterflies for my decorations... PINK shoes!
Checking out the goods (my eyes actually ARE open, I'm just looking down.)
Then, during the week, Tuesday Phillipa and I shared one of the BEST pizzas I've ever had (her choice – so glad I went with it!) and we went to see Eat, Pray, Love. It wasn't an intellectual film, but there were some good lines, good messages and best of all a bit of romance. A lovely evening with a lovely friend.  I also think it's high time I confess my girl-crush on Julia Roberts.  I really do heart her!

This is my favourite scene, where Julia Roberts essentially says that she will not be obsessing over the size of her arse and embraces the muffin top and enjoys every last morsel of her pizza.  I like to think I look that good when I'm stuffing my face (please do not shatter my illusion.)
On my actual birthday, I was spoiled with good wishes and hand-made birthday cards from the children in our class. I got some lovely bits and bobs from my girlfriends that I'm very much looking forward to using… a cute passport holder, gorgeous sticky notes, note pads, body stuff and so much more! So many goodies for me! I love that my girlfriends know me so well that they know what cuteness I adore. The spoiling continued, when at lunch the most beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at work. Ché was most put out the flowers were not for her and refused to sign for them… I felt a bit bad about that, but not bad enough to offer her my flowers.
My.  Husband.  Rocks.
The birthday treats didn't stop there! Phill masterminded a lovely and romantic picnic dinner at the Waitakere Ranges Visitor Centre (I mentioned the park in the post here.) It was a bit of a long drive, but worth it for the view and fantastic company.
His long arms are perfect for these shots.
On Thursday, after my gruelling (birthday) workout with my trainer (who quite happily takes the abuse I liberally heap upon him) I popped in to pick up some things I had stored at an old friend's shop. We had a lovely little yarn and picked up where we left off several years ago. I was very proud of myself when I showed some modicum of self control and didn't accept the offer of an ice cream (it was very difficult) but I simply couldn't turn away the lovely flowers he gave me to say Happy Birthday as my adopted big brother.
And it continues still… On Friday, a bunch of work friends came down to The Attic in Mission Bay and we all sat, had a few drinks and simply enjoyed each other's company. The sun was shining; the week had ended; summer is on the way. Can't complain about any of that, eh? 
You may remember this handsome young man from this post (you may not recognise him without his beloved blanket though!)
It was an awesome birthday week (and a bit) to celebrate another year of living, laughing, crying, loving, laughing, learning, and growing.  I can't think of a better way to start the coming year.  Wishing you all a year of love and light. x


Megan said...

So glad that you had a wonderful birthday - those flowers are gorgeous. I have a major crush on Julia too I think she is lovely. I enjoyed the movie it was a good easy watch and made me want to travel again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Megan! The flowers are sitting happily on my shelf at work and are the first thing I see when I walk in - I love it! :) I think Julia and I are kindred spirits, what with our birthdays being so close together. ;) I always want to travel...

Louisa said...

I am so happy that you had a great birthday, I love the fact that we get to celebrate our birthdays together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Louisa - I'm also glad that you had a great birthday and that we get to celebrate together. :) xox


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