Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Two Minutes' Silence

Today has officially marked one week since the devastating earthquake in Christchurch.  New Zealand stood still for two minutes today in remembrance of this tragic event.  Everyone in here will know someone or is someone who has been affected by this earthquake.  The nation's heart is crying for Christchurch and for those who have lost their lives and loved ones. 

Amidst this sadness, there are acts of heroism, bravery and unconditional kindness and generosity.  Armies of students, farmers, neighbours and people like that guy you who makes your latte in the morning are mucking in - they are turning up with shovels, food and whatever else is needed.  People all over the country are opening their homes to Cantabrians who need a shelter, or simply, a place to go in order to get out for a while.  In Wellington, the welfare centre for evacuees has had to start turning away offers of second-hand clothes, because they have been inundated with clothes.  The generosity and kindness of spirit is overwhelming and beautiful.    In Google, I typed in: "kindness Christchurch" and 843 000 results came up.  While I didn't trawl through all the articles, you get the point...

People (for the most part) are good and have love in their hearts... no one can tell me otherwise. 

There are a few ways you can help... The New Zealand Red Cross is accepting donations online.  The Red Cross Australia, Ireland and UK are also all set up for donations for the earthquake.

If you're searching for a slightly different, there are a couple of options:

There are some very cute things for auction if you'd care to bid - alternatively, donate a bit of your crafty goodness to auction off for Christchurch.  

 If you feel the need to give some comfort to some of the poor children who are no doubt struggling with this, a little bit can go a long way... On the blog Kiwi At Heart, Leonie has organised Softies for Christchurch.  A small something to bring a smile to a child's face.  
I'm working on a knitted elephant to send.  It's a small something, but hopefully one that will make a difference for a child. 

Stay strong, Christchurch.  Our thoughts are with you, not only in New Zealand, but around the world.  x

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