Thursday, 31 March 2011

What Happens When You Sit With 10 Year Old Boys For Dinner...

The following is a transcript of an actual conversation that took place on Tuesday evening at dinner, while seated with my students.

JM:  So, have you ever used a toilet that's just a hole in the ground?
Me:  Yes, I didn't enjoy it.
JM:  Yeah, when you use it all you hear is plop, plop, plop.  It's funny.
Me:  Ummm... is this what boys talk about at dinner?
Me:  Hmmm. It's worse when you get a mosquito bite when you're using it.
(hysterics ensue.)
JC:   Don't you think we're being gross?
Me:  Meh.  Your grossness is not greater than my hunger right now.
JC:   Huh?
Me:  I'm hungry.
JC:  Oooooh (general nodding all around.)  Hey, Tez, I can't have any of J***'s birthday cake tonight.  I gave it up for Lent.
Me:  Well done!  That's fine.  You can have something else.
HM:  What did you give up for Lent, Tez?
Me:  Nothing.  I'm not Christian... but I don't eat pork.
JC:  Aw yeah, is that because you're a Mongolian?
Me: (trying to maintain composure, not choke, snort or laugh hysterically)  I think you mean a Muslim, dear.
JC:  Aw yeah, one of those. (nodding sagely)

My boys crack me up.



Megan said...

Oh haha that is so funny. I love the things that kids come out with. So nice that you all got to have dinner together.

Anonymous said...

They're so freakin' cute! I love my boys. :) I love our overnight trips and camps just for the simple fact that I get to hang out with my kids and get to know them a bit better in a different context. :)


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