Friday, 1 April 2011

My Love For Grammar Is NOT Misplaced!

Today, we were all VERY tired in class after returning from our overnight trip yesterday.  We were all a little bit fragile and titchy, but we made it through okay.

ED (one of my students) got a letter from a former classmate, AE, who went on to another school for her intermediate years.  AE is a gifted student and an excellent writer with a great sense of humour and a flair for the dramatic.  She has a fabulous way with words, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her name in print sometime in the future.  So ED read the letter from AE out to the class.  It was one of my happiest teaching moments when I heard:

I have two badges; one for ***** and one for chapel (did I use the semicolon correctly there, Tez?)


PS - I miss having a grammar loving teacher.  Mrs D***** always writes things on the board and spells them wrong with incorrect grammar.  It drives me insane!!

There is hope for grammar and punctuation yet!  I can do it, one child at a time!  


Faiza said...

my inner nerd is hugging your inner nerd right now. love you!

Anonymous said...

my inner nerd is loving the hugs. :) love you too! x


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