Thursday, 14 April 2011

At The Risk of Getting Emotional...

Tomorrow is Katy's last day teaching with me.  I've been a bit grumpy and short with her recently, simply because I don't want her to go.  I mean, I'm ridiculously excited for her and even a bit jealous - she's young, gorgeous and has the world at her feet - she's off to Italy to continue her Montessori training in Bergamo - how could I not be a bit green-eyed?  In the kindest way possible, of course!
Katy and I at Wai-o-Tapu (Sacred Waters) during our (fabulous) class trip to Rotorua.
Here's the thing... as we sat and had one of our chats yesterday, it occurred to me (probably for the hundredth time, but that's the benefit of having an appalling memory - each time is like a new discovery for me) that Katy and I probably spend more time together in a week than Phillip and I do. 

Co-teaching is very much like a marriage - we get fed up with each other and grumpy with one another all the time... but then we get over it.  There are times either one of us has come to work in a foul mood and after a: stern talking to/good laugh/hug/cry/rant/rave we're alright - it seems we generally know what the other needs.  Sometimes, we've laughed so hard we've snorted and had tears in our eyes.  There have also been buckets of tears shed about sadder things... I knew that after Dad died, I could go into school and cry on Katy's shoulder.  Anytime.  That helped me immeasurably.  The other day, we dissolved into giggles at an eyebrow raise and a lopsided grin - it actually happened more often than you'd think.  We have giggled like school girls in class and the children would stare at us, wondering what on earth had gotten into us.  We grumbled and groaned like old ladies.  We understand each other.  We've shared deep dark secrets, our hopes, dreams and fears.  We hold nothing back when we're talking to each other.  She's listened to my same stories a hundred times (the downside to having a terrible memory), yet she never complains... It's a very special and rare connection to have with a co-teacher... one that (thankfully) has crossed over into a very real friendship.   

Yes, I know you can see right up my nose and it's not the most flattering photo of the two of us... but it was a good time!

It's also been so good to see Katy grow as an educator; to see her become more confident and capable in class.  She asserts herself more each and every day and I think she will be an inspiring an dynamic Montessori teacher when she is done her training and has her own class.  

As the children sang their song (You're Amazing by Bruno Mars, with a bit of lyrical editing, because I did think it was a bit weird if they sang about kissing her lips) I felt tears pricking at my eyes, as I do now, and so I will blink rapidly now, as I did this afternoon and think of the great things that wait for her.  
Katy, I am really proud of you for following your dreams to Italy - taking that big leap into the unknown will bring you untold adventure, which I think you'll love!  Thank you for the support, hugs, coffees, giggles, cups of tea, stories, gossip and enthusiasm for life... I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have taught with you over the past 15 months.  I look forward to hearing your stories, my friend.  I'll miss you.
A little more lady like... seconds before the previous picture!
 p.s. - Italian shoes.  We have the same size feet.  Just sayin'.  (Handbags are also okay.)


sheba said...

good luck, katy!

i miss my last co-teacher more than my heart can handle most days. we even called each other "our work husband/wife."

Katy said...

Brings tears to my eyes! Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog... it really does sum up the last amazing 15 months we spent together!xxxx

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that Sheba - I'll miss her terribly, but I'm so proud of her for leaping into the unknown!

Katy - you're welcome my dear - I couldn't fit it all in the card! Thank YOU for your wonderful blog too. x


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