Saturday, 9 April 2011

Knitting Obsessed

I think I'm obsessed.  I pour over books with pretty patterns and pictures and dream of the non-nerdy things I can knit.  I have now moved my obsession over to fabulous wools.  There are so many pretty, vivid and bright colours and so much new wool that I've bought, I can't keep up with my planned projects! 
My new, ridiculously pretty wool.  I am very excited to knit with it.  Not sure what I will make but it will be pretty and all mine!
The very cute vest I knit for Claire's baby.  I did a few things in between starting and finishing this vest, but I'm seeing Claire tomorrow, so I figured I'd best get my act together and have it ready for her before the weather gets too cold.  The pattern is available here.
Cute buttons!


sheba said...

i think you should make a multi-coloured elephant!

Anonymous said...

I may give it a go. :) I've started knitting with the really bright pink, orange and blue wool and I LOVE it! I think I've found my favourite wool! :)


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