Sunday, 4 March 2012

An Entirely Successful Day!

I accomplished heaps today, since I (apparently) no longer believe in Lazy Sundays.  Washing done, lawns mowed, crafting complete and work attended.  Today was full of treats, but the best were these - while mowing the lawns, I found this little gem nestled in our garden.  (First treat!)

We thought that we planted our watermelon too late to get any fruit this year, but lo and behold, a sweet treat nestled in the grass! (We moved it into the raised bed.)  I am ridiculously excited!

Then THIS!  Before mowing the lawns, I decided to use some of the Kool Aid that my lovely friend sent me from Canada (which arrived on Friday.)  But this vibrant goodness wasn't for drinking - oh no - It was for dying my wool!  I followed the directions found here on and it worked fabulously (I did it in the microwave).  I am thrilled with the results and can't wait to knit it up! 
Phill's mum washed the wool for me while I....
mixed and picked the colour I wanted to use - first up, Tropical Punch.

I popped the wool in and stirred.
Zapped it in the microwave in 2 minute intervals.  Stir, zap.  Easy peasy.

I knew it was 'cooked' when the water ran clear.  Then I let it cool before washing it out and hanging it outside to dry.

I was so excited with the results, I decided to quickly mix up a batch of Ice Blue before I had to go spend a couple of hours at work this afternoon.

Plop & zap.

This water wasn't as clear - it was a bit milky, but there was no more blue left, so I figured it was done.

The Tropical Punch is dry - you can tell because it's lovely and fluffy.  The Ice Blue had just been hung out and was still quite wet.  I'm in love with the colours.

SO pretty!!

And smells delicious!

I'm trying to work my schedule so I can fit in another trip to Spotlight to buy more wool to dye.  Phill's mum has asked me to bring some Kool Aid back with me, the next time I'm home... I wonder how many sachets of powder I can bring back without arousing the suspicion of the customs agents.  


Megan said...

Hello lovely Tez,
It sounds like you are well, I am sorry I haven't commented for awhile. I feel like life gets so busy that doing simple little things gets brushed to the side.
Oh yum that watermelon looks delicious. It is sad that Summer is almost at an end, not that we have had a great summer over here.
I hope all is well with you xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Megan,
Great to hear from you. :) Don't apologize - I know how busy things get! I've enjoyed keeping up with your newest purchases - some of them are GORGEOUS - I do envy the shopping over there.

I hope the watermelon does grow a bit bigger (in the moderate warmth) and we can eat it soon. If it's as nice as the other stuff from our garden, it'll be divine!

Take care sweet lady xx

Faiza said...

cat in the hat colours for wool! very cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks love! I thought the same thing when I did it! Just have to get around to knitting it up... :)


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