Monday, 18 May 2015

Two Months Per Project

So, knitting has taken some time from my blogging (which is okay by me most of the time...) I'm averaging two months per finished object - not too bad in between working and mothering!

My projects over the past year have included the following - in no particular order...

Jaywalker socks - Made from delicious wool that a dear friend sent me for a sock wool swap. Made with Striped Turtle Toes by Turtle Purl Yarns. I love, love, love them!

Mitaines Rainbow - Made with a custom dyed set from Let Them Knit. Someone ordered the set to be dyed for them and never collected the order, so I snapped it up. I also love these!

My first shawl ever - Travelling Woman. Beautiful, squidgy wool from Great Gradients. So warm on cold days (like today!)

Christmas baubles, made for my students' Christmas presents last year. Made with scraps and leftovers of wool I had lying around.

Another gift of love - for a wee baby girl of a good friend. Monkey Pattern from Sarah Keen's Book.
My most recent project - a present for a dear friend's belated birthday present. Autumnal Mitts made with Skeinz merino.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely projects, all of them! Nice to see you blogging again. :-)

Tesneem Couper said...

Thank you! I've missed it and missed you! I have so much blogging and reading to catch up on. :)

trillium said...

Hi, your Autumnal Mitts look great! I want to knit these but don't want to use the Magic Loop method. I just want to knit around with DPNs. Do you know how to modify the instructions? I haven't received any response yet from the pattern designer on Ravelry, and I thought you might know how to interpret the pattern for me. Thank you. Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Thank you! I think I used DPNs as well (if I remember correctly...) I think I kept the lace pattern on one needle and divided the remaining 20 stitches between two DPNs. The thumb gusset was worked on the third needle. :)
Hope this helps!
If not, flick me a message on Ravelry (I'll link my projects on the blog) and we can figure it out together!

trillium said...

Thank you!


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